2009 Weekend on the Edge

Come join the fun and excitement at this year’s Weekend on the Edge to be held September 4th and 5th, 2009. On Friday September 4th, NADM and Edge will present an awesome display of diesel drag racing starting at 7 p.m. at the Rocky Mountain Raceway. On Saturday, Edge will hold its annual Dyno Days […]

Get your Husky Floor Liners before its too late

I just got back from camping today. I knew that fall is almost here and I wanted to get to the great outdoors before the weather changed. We decided to set out Saturday afternoon, drive about an hour away and camp. I was expecting a peaceful, relaxing time with my wife where we could go […]

Dodge Cummins Camshaft Replacement at DynoMite Diesel

I have been itching to get my camshaft replaced in my 2002 Dodge Cummins ever since I saw the article in Diesel Power magazine. I researched it and made an appointment with DynoMite Diesel in Monroe, WA to get it done. I also needed some better injectors because the ones I was using gave me […]

Installing a Volant Air Intake on a 2002 Dodge Cummins

The Cummins Forum Truck was in need of an intake about a month ago to help the engine well fed with cold air. We had already added a Turbo, Exhaust, Injectors and Chip, we needed an Intake badly. Volant happened to call us and when they found out what we were doing, offered to get […]

Hypertech HyperPac for the 2001-2002 Dodge

The Hypertech HyperPac was probably one of the easiest programmers I have ever installed. In fact, the HyperPac isnt really just a programmer. The Hypertech HyperPac combines the best of both worlds in a programmer and module with something like Edge Product”s Attitude Monitor. The HyperPac Tunes your vehicle like a normal programmer would, through […]

ATS Exhaust Manifold Upgrade

I was going to upgrade to the BD Twin Turbos so I needed a stronger more reliable exhaust manifold to replace the stock manifold. My stock manifold was just fine, but the problem that a lot of people have is that after they add a certain amount of power, the stock exhaust manifold will crack. […]

Yay, Twins! BD Twin Turbo Review and Installation

In my quest for reaching 500 HP I talked to Dave Diaz at BD Power. He recomended that I upgrade to Twins. BD had already hooked me up with a BD Super B Single, all I needed was the upgrade kit. I say “all”, but it is a big upgrade, well worth the money though. […]

Line X Spray In Bedliner

Welcome to Line-X of Coeur d\\”Alene at: 6680 N. Government Way Suite 202 Coeur d\\”Alene, ID 83815 208-762-4547 Josh and his crew at Coeur d\\”Alene Line-X™ treated me really well and explained the process of installing the Line-X™ spray on bedliner as well as all of its features. Line-X™ of Coeur d\\”Alene is also a […]

Upgrading Ram & Cummins Name Plates

I never liked the look of the old, boring, black and red RAM 2500 and Cummins 24V Turbo Diesel name plates so I bought the new style ones off of eBay! The Upgrade for the 2 – RAM 2500 and 2 – Cummins Turbo Diesel nameplates/decals were close to $100. I dont know if there […]

Things to Look for when buying a 94-98 Ford Powerstroke Diesel

Things To Look For When Buying A Used PSD Turbo: You might take the air tube off the back of the air filter and look inside of it. If there is dirt build up, that is a very bad sign, so are the turbo fins looking sand blasted or bent. A little oily film is […]